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1.   Always check the interior air pressure are approximately of 3.5 lbs psi maximum because if not, your envelopes can burst, to tear or damage the zip fastener.

2.   We advise to inflate theses envelopes outside, because if they are inflate (ex: inside 20 degrees) and then outside use (ex: -20 degrees) the air pressure will be distorted and it could result in a wear from it prematurely.  

3.   Never use theses envelopes with air pressure lower has 3.5 lbs psi because it could result a wear from it prematurely from the seams under theses envelopes.

4.   If theses envelopes are use at superior altitude of 5000 feet's of the sea level we advise you to inflate them at this altitude, because the air pressure air will change and it could result from them a bursting or damage with theses envelopes.

5.   To avoid a wear premature on sides of your envelopes we advise you to make your slips with round sides and nonsquare.

6.   The zip fastener of your envelopes must always very well be closed and inserted 3/4" inche or 2 cm under the other part of the zip starting fastener and this, before envelopes inflating.

N.B.: These directives are only for information, but are for the maximum lifespan of your envelopes "Super Tube", they also apply to all other models or copies of our "Super Tube" for snow, made by concurrent Co. If these directives weren't specified to you by this one, informing you to close to the manufacturer.

Stephane Fournier
Les Toiles St-Felix Inc. 

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